How To Install WordPress Beta Versions

Wordpress Beta Versions

Install and test Beta versions of WordPress.

WordPress is constantly evolving. In between stable, full version releases, WordPress releases Alpha, Beta, and Nightly Builds on a continual basis.

While most people will only need to use the latest stable version, for some, being able to work …

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How To Add A Favicon To Your WordPress Blog [VIDEO]

Add a Favicon Image

Add A Custom Favicon To Your Site.
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The default favicon (short for “favorites icon”) that comes with WordPress is pretty generic and bland. Favicons included in most themes aren’t any better. If you want to have a professional looking site and stand out…

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How To Install A WordPress Plugin

Installing a Plugin in WordPress

Installing WordPress Plugins!

Plugins are used to enhance the features, and expand the functionality, of your WordPress blog. Whether you are looking for a solution to deal with comment spam, adding SEO features, or automating the sharing of posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., you will need . . .

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35+ WordPress Shortcuts That Will Make Your Life Easier

WordPress Shortcuts

Save time by using Keyboard Shortcuts in WordPress.

Keyboard shortcuts, or hotkeys, are among the most overlooked features available in WordPress. Did you even know they existed? Most people don’t.

Using keyboard shortcuts is a quick and easy way to increase your productivity and save time when writing posts in WordPress. With a few keystrokes you can add header tags, images, page breaks, bulleted or numbered lists, blockquotes, and more.

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How To Change The Default Genesis Favicon – Video

Adding a new Genesis favicon to your site

Add a custom favicon to Genesis themes.

If you are using the Genesis Theme Framework, like we are, and don’t have a custom favicon you are missing out on a great branding opportunity for your site.

The Genesis theme’s default "G" favicon is to identify them and their brand, not you and yours. Fortunately, adding your own …

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How To Change Your Genesis Favicon Without A Plugin

How To Install WordPress Themes – Video

Installing WordPress Themes Image

WordPress themes act as templates for your site.

One of the best things about WordPress is the ease with which you can instantly create a whole new look and feel for an entire site. Simply install a new theme and, presto, you have a completely different look to your website or blog.

WordPress themes act as templates for your site, giving you a uniform…

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How To Install WordPress Themes Video

How To Turn Off Comment Notifications In WordPress – Video

No WordPress Comment Notifications

Stop comment notification emails

WordPress is great at keeping you up-to-date on what is going on with your site, even sending you email notifications when something changes. One such feature, which is enabled by default, is comment notifications.

Comment notifications triggers WordPress to…

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