How To Install WordPress Beta Versions

Wordpress Beta Versions

Install and test Beta versions of WordPress.

WordPress is constantly evolving. In between stable, full version releases, WordPress releases Alpha, Beta, and Nightly Builds on a continual basis.

While most people will only need to use the latest stable version, for some, being able to work …

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How To Add A Favicon To Your WordPress Blog [VIDEO]

Add a Favicon Image

Add A Custom Favicon To Your Site.
Photo: Wikipedia

The default favicon (short for “favorites icon”) that comes with WordPress is pretty generic and bland. Favicons included in most themes aren’t any better. If you want to have a professional looking site and stand out…

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How To Change The Default Genesis Favicon – Video

Adding a new Genesis favicon to your site

Add a custom favicon to Genesis themes.

If you are using the Genesis Theme Framework, like we are, and don’t have a custom favicon you are missing out on a great branding opportunity for your site.

The Genesis theme’s default "G" favicon is to identify them and their brand, not you and yours. Fortunately, adding your own …

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How To Change Your Genesis Favicon Without A Plugin

How To Automatically Nofollow All External Links In WordPress

Nofollow External LinksAdding the nofollow tag to certain hyperlinks is good for SEO. Paid links, affiliate links, links within blogrolls and comments, links crediting images, etc., are all good examples of outbound external links that should be nofollowed.

Why using nofollow on certain links is a good idea?

Basically, using nofollow and dofollow tags…

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How To Expand/Collapse WordPress Posts Using jQuery SlideToggle – Video

jQuery SlideToggle Expand-Collapse Image

The jQuery SlideToggle function is used by websites, including internet giants like, Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, to hide and slide select content. Hiding content in this way gives pages a cleaner, less cluttered look, yet all of the information is still available to both your visitors and the search engines. It also allows visitors to engage and interact with your content in an easy and appealing way.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use jQuery SlideToggle to expand/collapse WordPress post, or page, content. Like this …

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Collapse-O-Matic WordPress Plugin Video

To Ping Or Not To Ping? How Much Is Too Much?

Ping Your ContentNot so long ago, pinging your website to dozens of update services was common practice. Some people had 50 or more services they pinged to. But, those days are long gone!

In 2013, and beyond, less is more in the pinging department.

By default, WordPress has only one site listed within its Update Services area – Ping-O-Matic. And, in our opinion, that…

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Using XML-RPC In WordPress

XML-RPC, WordPress’s Remote Publishing interface, has had major security issues in the past. Because of this it was turned off by default and required users to manually enable it via Settings » Writing » Remote Publishing.

But, no longer. The folks behind the XML-RPC protocol have made…

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