How To Install A WordPress Plugin

Installing a Plugin in WordPress

Installing WordPress Plugins!

Plugins are used to enhance the features, and expand the functionality, of your WordPress blog. Whether you are looking for a solution to deal with comment spam, adding SEO features, or automating the sharing of posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., you will need . . .

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How To Turn Off Comment Notifications In WordPress – Video

No WordPress Comment Notifications

Stop comment notification emails

WordPress is great at keeping you up-to-date on what is going on with your site, even sending you email notifications when something changes. One such feature, which is enabled by default, is comment notifications.

Comment notifications triggers WordPress to…

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How To Open External Links In A New Window

Open External Links ImageOpening external links in a new tab or window is often quite useful. It allows users to go investigate content you recommend, without them losing their place in what they were reading on your site.

To open links in a new window/tab, you need to add the html attribute of target="_blank" to the link. In WordPress, you can…

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How To Activate Zen Mode In WordPress

Zen Mode in WordPressEver since version 3.2, WordPress has provided the ability to write new posts in a full-screen mode that is free of the distractions that normally inhabit the post writing screen. Dubbed Zen mode, this feature has become among the most popular with regular WordPress users.

In Zen mode, all of…

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